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Producers and Artisans

We love to collaborate with local producers and support small businesses wherever possible. We are proud to work with the following businesses and continue to seek out partnerships wherever possible.

bees at Daisy Bee Naturals in Shakespeare, Ontario

Natural bee products including the honey that I use in my ganaches, from organically managed hives just up the road from the Chok Studio. The honey is a natural invert sugar which provides stability and increased shelf life.

Blink Tea in Toronto

Top quality, fair trade organic teas, herbals and latte blends are a wonderful way to infuse delicate and interesting flavours into ganaches. I love using them paired with secondary flavours and textures.

Sea buckthorn berries at TNT Berries in Shakespeare

TNT Berries produce beautiful berries and are a stone's throw from the studio. I particularly love their sea buckthorn berries which appear in my plant-based collection.

Stratford Flower Shoppe

Chok. bonbons can be added to any order from the Stratford Flower Shoppe, and they will deliver them with their stunning one-of-a-kind arrangements anywhere within the Stratford area. 

Tullamore lavender farm

Tullamore Lavender Farm in Arthur, Ontario, grows some gorgeous, fragrant culinary lavender, that when used judiciously, is a beautiful addition to ganaches and tablets

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